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SEIZING THE MOMENT IN 2016: Supplying fresh, healthy food

Friday, December 9, 2016 -- Scenic Hudson

Achieving milestone victories in carrying out our Foodshed Conservation Plan, we acquired conservation easements on three farms ranked among the plan’s highest priority for protection.

As a result, we ensured these lands will forever be available to meet the growing demand for healthy, local food in the valley and New York City:

FACING THE FUTURE IN 2016: Blocking a crude oil superhighway

Friday, December 9, 2016 -- Scenic Hudson

We’re spearheading efforts to stop two new threats that would imperil the region’s economy and irreplaceable natural resources.

Passing through 29 valley communities, the two side-by-side Pilgrim Pipelines would transport 16.8 million gallons of flammable liquid—either crude oil or refined petroleum products like jet fuel and gasoline—each day. The lines would vastly increase the risk of catastrophic spills or explosions neighborhoods already face from railcars prone to puncture.

The lines pose direct threats to:

FACING THE FUTURE IN 2016: Creating a climate-resilient valley

Friday, December 9, 2016 -- Scenic Hudson

Recognizing that climate change offers the greatest threat to the region’s irreplaceable habitats, Scenic Hudson developed our groundbreaking Hudson Valley Conservation Strategy (HVCS).

This science-based plan—the next generation of our acclaimed Saving the Land That Matters Most initiative—pinpoints properties whose conservation will maximize land investments by achieving multiple benefits: